Now that the work is done, I can calmly talk about how disappointed I was with the way the printed pattern failed to match on the flooring planks in the first six boxes. There really is no excuse for that kind of poor production with modern manufacturing technologies available. If I hadn’t spent three weeks hunting down flooring samples to find one that finally worked with the cabinet color, I would have had you take all of the WilsonArt product back.

Your dedication to doing quality work is all that kept me from boiling over in frustration! If we had purchased factory seconds, or some other low quality, value product, I could understand the three printed floor planks on each panel being different widths. But having mad the decision to by the high-end Estate product from a reputable distributor, there was not excuse for the patterns failing to match. If that kind of shoddy product is within factory tolerances, then all I can say is that WilsonArt has a lot more tolerance for poor quality work than either of us do.

I’m glad that you were on the job for me, and took the extra time needed, first in figuring out the problem, and second, exchanging the product and inspecting every plank to make sure the patterns matched up. Not every contractor/installer would do that, and few would go through the extra work as part of their original agreement. As a college business professor and former operations manager at a multi-state retail chain, I know first hand how rare your way of doing business is and how lucky I was to have you on the job.

You should know that when people ask, “Who did your kitchen remodel?” I don’t hesitate to say, “John Brady” and give you a glowing recommendation. Thanks again,

Jim W.

What Our Clients Say

  • Jim and Ruth J.
  • Bob C.
  • Lee T.
  • Jim W.
  • Otis and Barbara K.
  • Doug D.

We hired John Brady, owner of Design by John, to remodel our kitchen. It was a complete remodel with everything removed down to the bare walls. Our home is an early 1960’s brick ranch. Needless to say, John found some interesting things as he peeled off the layers.

We felt John’s bid was reasonable, and the time frame to do the job kept us out of our kitchen for only slightly over five weeks—miraculous! The job began June 9 and was finished July 16.

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In the five or so years that I had the opportunity to work with John Brady with Design by John, I’ve had the chance to observe his ability to be a professional. My observations are that he is very dependable by being on the job when he said that he would be there. He gets the job completed in a timely manner with very few problems. If a situation arises, he knows how to resolve the situation and continue. This keeps a good working relationship with his clients.

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I have known and worked with John in several capacities over the last ten years. He has exhibited a work ethic that is unusual in today’s workplace. His customers receive his concern and attention to detail, and also receive complete satisfaction. John is always organized and makes certain that his customers’ needs are his highest priority. He has shown professionalism, integrity, and a true desire to exceed expectations.

Lee T.

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Dear John,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the fine work you did installing my WilsonArt Estate flooring during the recent kitchen remodel that you completed for me. I greatly appreciate the extra time you took to get the floor looking great, despite the inconsistent quality of the flooring product.

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We are quite please with the way you pulled together fixtures, a recessed cabinet, tile, and shelves in the restricted space that we had (since we were unwilling to give up the coat closet. We now have a very attractive, luxurious even, functional bathroom.

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Just a few words of praise for our remodel job, which you did for use during the month of July. Every aspect of the remodel was handled with care, precision, and professionalism. It involved a new Corian counter-top and sink, complete redo of the kitchen ceiling to accommodate can lights, under-cabinet lighting, trim molding, new front closet doors, and red oak hardwood floors covering about 800 square feet.

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Design by John is deeply committed to the well being of planet earth. Our love of the beautiful habitat surrounding Boise, Idaho has inspired us to become increasingly conscious of the choices we make.

We can help you choose the most ecologically responsible products to use in your home remodeling project.


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Design by John is a local Boise, Idaho remodeling agency. Our small team focuses on one project at a time to ensure that our clients receive the personalized attention that is required to make our work successful. By understanding the tastes and stylistic preferences of the home owners we meet, we can create elegant solutions to home remodeling projects.